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DD5JFK tech demo

Munich, Germany | Loc: JN58sc, ASL: 545 m





Hello and welcome to my development receiver!
This websdr features my latest work on the openwebrx platform. It probably has features you're not going to see on a regular openwebrx receiver (yet), but it may also be unstable or give you unpredictable results. It is also only available at unscheduled intervals when I am working on the code.
This websdr is supposed to show off the technological capabilities of openwebrx, unfortunately my local limitations do not allow me to put up big antennas, and there is a lot of QRM. So enjoy the technology, but don't expect much DX.
If you are in charge of a receiver with better reception and would like to run bleeding edge technology, feel free to get in touch with me.

You can also find me on twitter.

Current State of the SDRs in use:
RTL-SDR: Connected to a Diamond X5000 for VHF/UHF
SDRPlay RSPDuo: Connected to a HF-P1 for shortwave

Under construction

This receiver is running a development version of OpenWebRX. Additional features may be available, but there may also be bugs.

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